Get Ready

Garden beds are not made of foam, coils, linens or feathers; well there might be a few decomposed feathers somewhere. You might have an arrival date for Spring but, unlike a friend coming to stay in your guest room, recently vacuumed, freshly laundered sheet tucked in and all the cat hair removed,  the seasons change when Earth is ready. There are no specific dates to do a task. Only approximations. This year is a particularly good example.

I have already worked in all the garden under my care. In Oregon we are at least a month and a half ahead of schedule. Get those boots out, and send your tools to be sharpened. I always go to on Division and 40th. The business was sold a couple of years ago and I still have had very good service since then although they do not know about the mechanics of my tools.

So keep to the sharpening and go to Al’s for tool repair: on 84th and Division. Ask for Lori tell her I sent you! Nice for us girls to talk to another female in the trades… They have lots of used mowers so you don’t have to break your piggy bank. By the way before you buy a push mower because you want to be good, because you remember doing your yard when you were ten, because you want your son to unglue himself from his computer, let me tell you: you will end up calling me to bring my gas-powered monster at least five times a year because it’s been raining, because he had a baseball game, because you were on vacation the last ten days and, well…you just plain forgot. If you want to be virtuous get a cordless electric with rechargeable battery–don’t be cheap and get one with an extension cord; I can hear the sound of a cord getting guillotined two miles as the crow flies. I am French you know!

Where was I? Yes, getting your tools sharpened. Have you ever used a sharp shovel? Let me tell you…AMAZING. You just don’t know until you try it like eating freshly dug-up potatoes vs store bought.

Yes it IS time to order your potato starts, and while you are waiting dig a trench 6” deep reserve soil on the side. As the stems grow you can back-fill until it is at ground level, straw the bed, water once in a while and wait until they flower. Stop all watering. That’s all folks. My fav. are Yellow Finns hard to find but oh so good.

Forgot to tell you AL’S is next door to the Division Portland Nursery!

Make sure you check your furries for fleas, and brush brush brush; the shedding starts any day.

See you out back…

 Tip of the day: when you dry your dog after an off-leash run, use a white towel. That way you can find any trace of blood which will lead you to an otherwise hidden cut or bite.

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