Rain, I don’t mind.

(The title is a lyric from ‘Rain’ by The Beatles)

Ruts on wet lawn

Here we are in the second week of non-stop rains, snow flurries and hail. Forgotten tools are rusting, puddles are appearing all through the garden, so are ruts from wheelbarrows, and bicycles.

I have seen imprints from three coyotes on the move in Oaks Wildlife Refuge, ant colonies taking residence in our domiciles, cats on porches hunkering down, waiting for better days. I do not have that choice.

I start my day looking like a robot in my overnight dry, muddy rain-gear. I end it dripping wet, cold, and unable to take my boots off because they have suctioned themselves to my calfs.

Organization is the key to sanity. Plan your gardening session.

  • Make a list of your projects for that time
  • Make a list of the tools you will need, as well as all the supplies
  • Decide what you will need to sustain you; clothing, warm beverage, multiple pairs of gloves, etc
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself doing your project, as if you were watching a documentary. This will save you back-and-forth trips for forgotten tools etc.
  • Plot your ending well

When everything is muddy and wet including myself, when I am exhausted because every tool and piece of clothing weighs a ton, when the dog needs to go out, and will no doubt look like a swamp monster in less time it takes me to say “DON’ttttt…,” I need to finish quickly.

Let me help you with your end game, because it will determine how you spend the rest of your day, how positive you will be for your next gardening project, how much time you will spend cleaning, and how much patience you’ll have managing the wet dog who has become unicolor brown. 

  1. Have a hose set up outside and a dry towel to clean and dry tools. Hang your clean tools in a dry area. Rinse your boots and gloves.
  2. Have a designated indoor space with a sink where you can change, hang up your rain-gear, and rinse the dog. A laundry room works great.
  3. Start a load of laundry if needed. Make sure the dog is dry, (I use the laundry sink to bathe her and the laundry table to brush, dry etc)
  4. Go home and have a hot shower, a cup of tea and a rest!

See you out back…

Tip(s) of the day: before you leave your garden project, tidy up; it’s much nicer to start the next time without having to clean a mess. And, as you walk away, take a last look behind you. It feels great to see what you’ve accomplished.

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