Reap the fruits of your labor

Overgrown, weedy and abandoned.

August is around the corner. Every year around this time, I observe vegetable gardens around town looking overgrown, weedy and abandoned.

I too run out of steam right about now.
Tomatoes are finally ripening, string beans, long and thin, are hanging on their vines, eggplants, ivory black with dark purple tinge, are plump and ready. The summer squashes are multiplying faster than we can eat them. The garden is at its best–beautiful and overwhelming. We need to catch our breath. Continue reading

Dog Days

Every day of this past week, I have seen dogs doing intense exercise mid-day in the sun.

Because dogs would follow you–their person, their beloved person–to the end of the Earth, doesn’t mean you should ask them to.

I have observed that people who own exotic pets, farm animals, birds, fish, etc. know a lot more about those species than than dog or cat owners know about their pets. Dogs and cats are so integrated in our lives that we forget that they are a very different species from our own. Continue reading

Feed the Greens

Summer is finally here! Put your rain gear and boots back in the garage and find your straw hat and sunscreen.

Although my perennial gardens have done very well so have most berries and greens, I have noticed unusual yellowing of leaves on blueberries, some vegetables, even roses. My theory is that the torrential rains have washed out a lot of the nutrients plants need to thrive, and most certainly any fertilizer I may have introduced before roots had a chance to use them. Continue reading